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Ocean of Memories: White Plains library

Ramapo-Munsee Lenape Exhibition: Artist, Jack Crying Raven Anderson

"My life has been an overwhelming, but fantastic journey. I have documented this journey through my art. Since the beginning I have loved color. I have been using color to create since I was old enough to pick up a crayon. In the early 60’s I went on a class trip to the Met. I was attracted to a painting by Demuth entitled, “The Figure 5 in Gold.” The painting was inspired by a William Carlos Williams’ poem, “The Great Figure.”

Since then I have used color and paint to express my loves, my fears, my sorrows and my joys. I am a self-taught artist. I have shown in group and solo shows over the past 25 years in the NYC and NJ area.

One of my most recent accomplishments in 2015 was to have two of my works selected for the permanent collection at Museo MAAM in Rome , Italy. Credits and appreciation go to Cynthia, my best friend, wife, lover, muse and confidant.

My jazz and blues paintings are my interpositions of my love for the art of jazz and blues. Some of these paintings are portraits of my favorite artists. However there are others that are quite personal. What I paint comes from my heart and soul. I want the viewer to use their imagination. Look at everything that is going on and, then, from the title feel the emotions and draw their own conclusion. Love, color, passion, music and desire are all words that should be said in the same breathe. These words leave me breathless…

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