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Facing the South we learn the lessons of emotional discipline, intuition, and integrating the heart with others. Represented by the heat of Summer, water the wave force, asserts itself through discovering passion, sexuality and mating rituals.

      A Poetic Affair
...that lingers well beyond.

What can a man offer who has everything luxury has to offer, but instead wants to offer you his heart?


What will carve out the legacy of your relationship as time becomes a treasure chest of memories?


What remains when the Romance is over and all that’s left are the words he wrote?


The Poems Remain!

The story of Whispering Dove who envisions the romance will reign and endure the test of time, only to learn that in hindsight it would be the gift of Poetry that will live beyond her lifetime.

Poems stashed away on a shelf waiting to breathe, waiting to be resuscitated unlike the romance that once prevailed.


Unexpectedly, with new breath they're  revived, capturing a Poetic Affair as vivid as a Van Gogh.

Suddenly she reflects on how invaluable and priceless they are. Suddenly, she realizes his heart was handed to her with every poem which now tells their story chronologically, encapsulating what remains of her ten year serenade.


Each verse a snapshot of a moment in time, a book with a lasting impression and the knowledge that when the romance is over and all that’s left are the words he wrote, there is no better place to be.

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Reflections of a Whispering Dove
Available for Libraries, Universities, Poetry Foundations  
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Book Reviews

"Wow, it renewed my faith in romance!"

 ~Lisa Ascolese "The Inventress"

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