Aaaaah the fresh breath of Air is inhaled as we face the North during this time of Winter where we hibernate. The Elders sit in the North basking in wisdom, as we continue our life lessons of detachment from judgment, hate, jealousy, anger and fear...anything obscuring intelligence. Completion and fulfillment are key, during this nocturnal time of inner reflection that leads us to the much needed life lesson of balance.


Goddess on Earth Exhibition

A permanent inductee of the*Goddess on Earth Exhibit; Women of the Americas by Artist Lisa Levart.


Oleana & Lisa Levart present a cross cultural collaboration that introduces indigenous women's embodiment of their inherited roles as gate-keepers of tradition. Exploring the myths, legends and lore of tradition with a creative twist through a contemporary lens, viewers are seduced into the past with the visual lure of neoteric imagery.

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Goddess on Earth Oracle Card Deck by Gold Nautilus Winner Lisa Levart

American Indian 
Community House

Promoting the well-being of the American Indian Community. Increasing the visibility of American Indian cultures in an urban setting in order to cultivate awareness, understanding and respect.

Association of Women
Inventors &

 "Lifting Women Up Two Hands At A Time"

A Non Profit Created By "The Inventress" Of

QVC shopping Network. To Provide Support

For Women Entrepreneurs, Offering 

Recognition of Aspiring Women.

  • Signature Theatre New York

  • New Jersey Performing Arts Center

  • New Jersey Symphony Orchestra

  • Cultural Innovation Group, LLC.

  • Silent Tribute: Documentary

International Womens Day

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U.N. Bill Of Rights Article 27 link

As Part Of A World Wide Community Effort To Address Social, Economic, Environmental, Gender, Education, Child & Health Issues Via NGO's Who Advocate On Behalf Of These Populations.

Land Acknowledgments

The Visitation

A Downloadable Audio Walking Tour of "The Deer" produced by Stephanie Fleischmann, Christina Campanella, Mallory Catlett. Lenape Historical Consultant, Oleana. Open HERE

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