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The South Street Seaport Museum Land & Water Acknowledgement

A historical presentation, recognition and acknowledgement of how our waterways were used by the Lenape and how those waterways became what we know today as the seaport.

This history is included in the South Street Seaport Museum Land-Water Acknowledgement dedicated by Dwaine Perry, Chief of the Ramapo-Munsee Nation, and Oleana Whispering Dove (Enrolled Ramapo/Tsalagi Descendant) Keeper of Cultural Lifeways for the Ramapo-Munsee Nation.

Map and history from Mapping Manahatouac: Land Acknowledgements for Manhattan, Long Island, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Northern New Jersey and Downstate New York, by Evan Pritchard (Mi’kmaq Descendant); Executive Director, Center for Algonquin Culture.

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